Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Circle Pure

Only in the mind
is perfection a promise
- hearts flaw uniquely -
we are the purpose,
a part of, and the passion
of Live creation!

beyond you are We:
smile to smile or skin to skin
emotions unite
Did you catch my kiss
in thoughts true and promise kept?
Or has your heart lept?
If our words could live
forever, what would they say?
Love us anyway!
if love were a leaf
it wouldn't be able to
laugh or kiss or cry
then morning became
the day my soul surrendered,
missing you madly
through Love's thrill and bliss
- envisioning happiness -
we are part of awe.
. . . the secret of Us:
at the end of you am I
in a circle pure . . .
love which Loves with love
echoes O eternally
with the joy of joy

like a bubble -pOp-
time or object happiness
joins the air we breathe
We work and create
for the you that lives and loves
and has yet to Be

. . . as I breathe I write
as feelings flow into words . . .
as you are i Love

beyond pain and play
there is Truth and work and work
and with luck is Love.

through your eyes i see:
if your breath would ever cease,
my heartbeat would with.
inspiration Is
the way of the mind and heart
and story between

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